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Mr. Tubbs is family owned and operated in Winnipeg. Mr. Tubbs have been serving customers in Winnipeg Manitoba for over 55 years. We are fully insured.

By refinishing the surface of your sink or bathtub we improve the esthetic look of your bathroom for a fraction of the cost of replacing either. We ensure that each job is done with the best quality possible while keeping the work time low, so you can get back to enjoying this vital part of your home. Benefits to refinishing your bath tub are:

– Usually your bathtub is usable within 24 hours after the refinishing process is complete.

– A refinished bathtub looks as good as new.

– Refinishing costs less than replacing the bathtub or sink with a new one.

– No need to worry about space issues as you would with purchasing a new bathtub or sink.

– We offer 5 year warranty on our workmanship.